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Reactions to President Obama and Speaker Boehner

I watched the President and Mr. Boehner give a speech and a reaction, respectively, and here are my immediate observations.

1. Why did the president give this speech? Not that every plow has to break virgin soil to be productive, but come on… name one new point in the debate. In this political boxing match only thing this speech seems to  do is flail for a stray hit and a win on points. Understand, no one thinks a government shutdown is a game, or funny, but one of the reasons this is happening now and not in January is that both sides want to position for the next election cycle.

2. John Boehner gives a damn good performance as John Wayne. No, seriously, if they do a movie about the film star, I can’t think of anyone in Hollywood more suited to the role, than the gentleman from Ohio. He’s too tan for California, though.

3. I’d say 80% odds the Republicans come out on top in this one. Mr. Obama has held his cards too long, and Mr. Boehner called his bluff, that’s the overall impression I got. If the Senate and House pass a bill, and it goes to the president without significant input from him, it will be a tough re-election cycle for the Leader of the Free World.


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A man who is interested in almost everything, I am a writer, blogger, and political junkie since long before graduating from Pacific Lutheran University. Currently an Action For Washington fellow and content editor, I was a maintenance guy (including groundskeeping) for 3.5 years. I enjoy applying the inarguable principles of mundane life to big ideas, and I get beat up a lot for doing this.

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