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Bachmann gets Limbaugh’s votes

Michelle Bachmann has staked her claim in this election, taking almost all of the votes that Rush Limbaugh would have received.

Rush Limbaugh typically sees about 2,000–4,000 write-in ballots every election, but don’t expect that in 2012, as whack jobs who don’t understand the political process have lined up almost entirely behind Bachmann.

Ronald Yessler, a gas station attendant from Indiana, says he still listens to Rush every day, but that his feelings for Bachmann will make him switch camps.

“She’s like Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin rolled into one,” Yessler said, “beautiful and badass. I usually don’t like any of the candidates, with their pandering to the lame-stream media, but Michelle doesn’t do that.”

“Rush won’t get my vote for the first time since 1992,” Yessler added. “It was a tough call.”

Glenn Beck supporters have also fled to the Bachmann camp, the studies show, although he retains a larger portion of his voting bloc due to Mormonism and emotional breakdowns.

Ron Paul, of course, hasn’t lost anybody.


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A man who is interested in almost everything, I am a writer, blogger, and political junkie since long before graduating from Pacific Lutheran University. Currently an Action For Washington fellow and content editor, I was a maintenance guy (including groundskeeping) for 3.5 years. I enjoy applying the inarguable principles of mundane life to big ideas, and I get beat up a lot for doing this.

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