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Pollution: remember me?

When was the last time you heard the word “Pollution”?

BP oil spill? that’s what I thought. How about before that?

We’ve been so distracted by the premise of Global Warming that we’ve completely forgotten about the original reason for the Green movement. And by ‘we’ I mean I haven’t heard it in the news/national conversation. Aside from the ANWR reserve, I assume we must have moved on as a nation, but I’m not ready to do that.

I still don’t want mercury in my salad, thanks. How about we refocus on things we can affect? Not that CO2 is great, but it’s nowhere near as bad as EVERY OTHER POLLUTANT. Remember CFC’s? Remember Lead? Remember carcinogens?

In our quest to keep the Earth a clean environment for ourselves, let’s focus on things that we can change and things that can hurt us. CO2 is a joke by comparison.


About humourologist

A man who is interested in almost everything, I am a writer, blogger, and political junkie since long before graduating from Pacific Lutheran University. Currently an Action For Washington fellow and content editor, I was a maintenance guy (including groundskeeping) for 3.5 years. I enjoy applying the inarguable principles of mundane life to big ideas, and I get beat up a lot for doing this.

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