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A cowboy, a rich guy, a girl and a crazy old man all walk into a poll…

And come in as statistical ties with Obama!!!

Seriously though people must be pretty sick of hearing about how hard presidentin’ is and how it’s everyone else is to blame for the malaise that we find our country in.  How else can you explain why people would rather listen to some crazy, pedantic, old guy rant and rave about the FED than see Obama in office for another 4 years?

Funny Pictures - Cats and Rat, Soon

A visual representation of the candidates and the incumbent.


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  1. Thanks for posting, Jeff.

  2. Oh man did I screw that post up. Plenty of grammar errors and I forgot to hyperlink the html. Oh well, at least I set the bar low so you don’t expect too much.

  3. Love the photo representation 🙂 and the concept is great!


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