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Gold Bubble

I read this article while looking for information about tomorrow’s market. And let me say this: once you see two stories like this, wildly optimistic and arguing against those who say “wait a minute,” then watch out, we will have reached the top of the bubble. A short time later gold will crash hard.

Mark my words here. India and China are buying gold like crazy, but they have managed economies that will limit wealth production in the near future, and that will limit their gold buying abilities. Once the two tigers are out, gold will fall and not get up for a long, long time. You’ll know when you see the second person arguing on the evening news. Top called, quote me on it.


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A man who is interested in almost everything, I am a writer, blogger, and political junkie since long before graduating from Pacific Lutheran University. Currently an Action For Washington fellow and content editor, I was a maintenance guy (including groundskeeping) for 3.5 years. I enjoy applying the inarguable principles of mundane life to big ideas, and I get beat up a lot for doing this.

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