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Phone and write congress pt.1

This is a real issue, please read this article and then call, write, e-mail your congressperson and senators.

The taxpayers will get pennies on the dollar, and some investors who have lobbied congress will get paid. We already paid that money out to buy these bad properties, a bad but typical government move. But now to turn around and give the land away to a few investors would be the other half of bad government, helping those who lobby for sweetheart deals. I say make them open auction to any small investor, on an individual or small lot basis.

Tell congress what you think about this, if you want their contact info, try this link:

Just enter your zip code and hit enter, it will tell you all your representatives’ info.  Easy breezy. Do your good deed today.


About humourologist

A man who is interested in almost everything, I am a writer, blogger, and political junkie since long before graduating from Pacific Lutheran University. Currently an Action For Washington fellow and content editor, I was a maintenance guy (including groundskeeping) for 3.5 years. I enjoy applying the inarguable principles of mundane life to big ideas, and I get beat up a lot for doing this.

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