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Happy Mexican Independence Day!

For those who don’t know, Today 16 de Septiembre (Not Cinco de Mayo) is Mexico’s Independence Day. Since very few people know anything about Mexico’s independence at all, I thought I’d give a quick history refresher course about our neighbors to the South.

Mexico was “New Spain” at the time of its independence, and got named after its capitol, Méjico-Teotihuacan, after the revolution was over and its independence was recognized by Spain and other world powers. That Revolution lasted over 10 years, btw, and at times devolved into guerrillas fighting in the forests and hiding. It wasn’t until a freak re-alignment of interests brought new allies and an unstable coalition together, that the Viceroy had to abdicate and a new Mexican EMPIRE was started. That’s right. Empire. Betcha didn’t know that, Atahualpa.


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