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Now if only Peter Frampton and Nicola Tesla had lived at the same time…


NaNoWriMo and me

NaNoWrimo is National Novel Writing Month, in which local groups gather to hash out a 50,000 word novel during the month of November. That’s one novel each. That’s about 1700 words a day, including Sunday. I’m morbidly fascinated by this idea, and feel myself being drawn to it. Any thoughts?

Happy Mexican Independence Day!

For those who don’t know, Today 16 de Septiembre (Not Cinco de Mayo) is Mexico’s Independence Day. Since very few people know anything about Mexico’s independence at all, I thought I’d give a quick history refresher course about our neighbors to the South.

Mexico was “New Spain” at the time of its independence, and got named after its capitol, Méjico-Teotihuacan, after the revolution was over and its independence was recognized by Spain and other world powers. That Revolution lasted over 10 years, btw, and at times devolved into guerrillas fighting in the forests and hiding. It wasn’t until a freak re-alignment of interests brought new allies and an unstable coalition together, that the Viceroy had to abdicate and a new Mexican EMPIRE was started. That’s right. Empire. Betcha didn’t know that, Atahualpa.

A Gold Standard Revisited?

Phone and write congress pt.1

This is a real issue, please read this article and then call, write, e-mail your congressperson and senators.

The taxpayers will get pennies on the dollar, and some investors who have lobbied congress will get paid. We already paid that money out to buy these bad properties, a bad but typical government move. But now to turn around and give the land away to a few investors would be the other half of bad government, helping those who lobby for sweetheart deals. I say make them open auction to any small investor, on an individual or small lot basis.

Tell congress what you think about this, if you want their contact info, try this link:

Just enter your zip code and hit enter, it will tell you all your representatives’ info.  Easy breezy. Do your good deed today.

Gold Bubble

I read this article while looking for information about tomorrow’s market. And let me say this: once you see two stories like this, wildly optimistic and arguing against those who say “wait a minute,” then watch out, we will have reached the top of the bubble. A short time later gold will crash hard.

Mark my words here. India and China are buying gold like crazy, but they have managed economies that will limit wealth production in the near future, and that will limit their gold buying abilities. Once the two tigers are out, gold will fall and not get up for a long, long time. You’ll know when you see the second person arguing on the evening news. Top called, quote me on it.

Political Shakeup Coming pt. 1: Democrats

A political realignment is in the works. I’ve alluded to this in a previous blog, but now there’s real news on the topic.  AFL-CIO has started playing hardball with the Democrats, and may wind up building an organized version of the TEA Party for the Left. This is only one of several undercurrents that are shifting in America today. Let’s get into what’s going on, and why I think these schisms will eventually be beneficial to America.

This will be the first in a three-part series on the political changes in America, addressing the Democrats’ situation. I’ll talk about Republicans and secular trends and issues in the upcoming installments. Here are the Democrats’ fault lines in the coming political earthquake:

First, unions and Democrats have had a schism in this state for a while. Union leadership has become tired of inaction with their money, setting up a DIME PAC here in Washington State, and in the current economic turmoil, at least some democrats have returned the favor.

The national political landscape is being moved as well. Public unions have been the one type of unions that have grown in the last decade, but is one of the less-universally-supported types, and it is giving unions as a whole a less palatable flavor politically. Unions have been the largest contributors to Democrat SuperPACs, but the fact that DEMOCRAT SuperPAC’s exist bothers many on the Left. The Huffington Post Reports on the divide between those who think SuperPACs represent what Democrats oppose, and those who are going to use them because Republicans are.

There are several issues tearing at the Democratic coalition. Group these problems under “Union Malaise.”

Secondly, and more importantly, President Obama isn’t working out. Heaven has not come to earth, the rise of the seas has not been halted, social programs are being ruled unconstitutional, soldiers are still getting killed downrange, and pragmatism doesn’t work when you view it as incongruent with Hope. Losing takes a toll on coalitions, as factions (much more divided in the Democrat party) view each other suspiciously, and re-examine their role and relationships within the American political realm.

This is key, because one Democrat strategy in the past had been to assimilate a cause, and co-opt its leadership to partisan political operatives. There is now real tension felt by members and leadership of unions, minority groups, women’s rights groups and LGBT activists, between their stated goals and the demands of the Party.

Thirdly, interest groups themselves are being challenged, and not in the way that rallies everyone together. Feminists have to confront the concept of prominent female conservatives. The vicious attacks felt by Sarah Palin (the early-on ones, during the 2010 campaign, not the ones she earned on her own later) were indicative of the threat she posed to the political solidarity of women’s rights groups. Feminists found themselves pushing against air, fighting nothing. There was no argument on the Republican side as to the qualifications of a woman, and therefore no reason to fight, nothing to rally against. Democrat interest groups cannot continue asking for money and supporters without a bogeyman, and the internal re-tooling of various rights groups to reflect the new age will diminish the Democrat Party. This is good for the interest groups: they have won, in many cases. Women and minorities have run for office, legitimately, and hold a serious place in the conversation. But it’s very bad for the current Democrat coalition: Republicans can’t take the blame anymore, and there’s less to dish out overall.

Expect targeted moderation by Republicans to splice the factions in the Democrat Party, and a continued love-hate relationship between unions and both parties. Once unions break ranks, they will see a nuanced world out there, and new political opportunities on a case-by-case basis. My money would be on these two fault lines breaking at the Democrats for the next three years. We’ll examine the Republicans next, and how Democrats could sink their whole battleship.